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my taxi pimp called me and asked me to come back. I told him that the 13 hour shifts were too long, so we're going to talk about doing shorter shifts.

I'm going in today to talk to him.

I don't have another job, and I could use the money. I always made good money driving. and it was a lot of fun.

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Loverman - Martin Gore
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note the lowercase....

I started the day off with extra training, riding along with an extremely experienced gentleman who was both a driver and a dispatcher. it was a really good experience. I learned a lot and we got a lot of good rides.

I heard two of my coworkers saying that I look like Drew Barrymore-- only once was I supposed to. I think I look like me, really. (what do I know?)

I bought a state id card. ha ha ha I'm so screwed there! a fare took me clear across town and had no money at all. tried to call the police but they were occupied. this woman seriously needed some law enforcement intervention, too. not for my part, but something was not right with her. so I took her id. I'll give her a week to get my money to me. if not, I'll report it to the police then.

oh! so did I mention that when I was training with a guy approximately my age that just about every fare thought I was his girlfriend as opposed to a trainee? and that at one point, when we had a fare in the cab, he went to get a charge slip and where the charge slips were supposed to be, there was instead a condom and a wet wipe? (embarrassing!) and how we needed the wet wipe for something but that I carry wet wipes so we replaced it with one of mine to fuck with whoever the hell keeps condoms in their cab? did I? well....


so I took home another driver who drove that same taxi a few days later. he went to get a charge slip and lo and behold he finds not charge slips, but a condom and-- get this-- two sugar packets!

well, he was disgusted and he threw the condom out the window.
* * *

generous tippers

tonight would have been teh suck without you.

I spent my first 45 minutes working without getting a ride. ugh. then, my first ride stiffed me. I got a serious case of the stupid and drove the wrong way down a one-way street and my dispatcher decided that I needed more training, which was not what I needed either.

then, the second worst part of the night, as dusk hit, I realized that my headlights weren't working. I was some fifteen minutes away from the base and had to go all the way back to get a new cab because I was not about to drive around all night with my brights on. the good part was that I got my favorite van instead.

fortunately, we were pretty busy because of the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert.

I got a personal from someone who said she didn't actually know me. that was kind of fun.

and I had a long (LONG!) ride with two very drunk married women, who were also very sweet, out into the boonies. I almost hit a deer!

all in all, because people rule, tonight went pretty damn well. I'm just really glad I didn't hit that deer.

Cruel by Tori Amos
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been out due to bronchitis. should be back tomorrow.
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short day today.

I had some trouble breathing, so I knocked off early and went to urgent care. it's always reassuring when a doctor says, "I don't think we need to x-ray your lungs yet." turns out I have bronchitis. I felt completely fine yesterday and even this morning, so I was pretty shocked by that.

I gave my smokes to a fare because it hurt too much to smoke them BUT as long as I had them I wanted to smoke them.

anyway, I got some drugs. some to make me cough and some to suppress the cough. okay.

so anyway, I might not be driving tomorrow. I might rest and chill and get better.

Fly on a Windscreen (Final) by Depeche Mode
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woah was tonight a night.

I had a brief moment of nervousness where I just sat for half an hour, but then I didn't even get a break to pee after that.

I did spend about two hours on a personal ride with a man who wanted to go down memory lane. just fine with me since he paid quite well. I had my tunes on random and black celebration played, which he dug, so we listened to the whole album. we jammed the fuck out to flies on the windscreen.

fuck yes.

I had a bad ride, though. a man and a pregnant woman wanted a pretty long ride, probably would have ended up costing around $15, and about the time the fare was about $5, they started saying that was all they had. I had to kick them out.

I made friends with a gas station attendant. that was cool.

and things seem to be going pretty well.

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I hit the road last night. first solo ride.

it was quite the humbling experience.

first off, I thought I knew my way around town pretty well. almost every ride I was sent to addresses that were either on streets I didn't recognize or address blocks that didn't seem right for those streets.

but no! every address was right. I found every address I was sent to, even if it took me a little bit of time. (not too long, though!)

we were insanely busy last night. to the point where I had a multi-stop ride and at one stop along the way, a woman came out thinking I was there for her because she had been waiting for over an hour!

I really should have ditched the fare that I had and taken her instead, because the fare that I had ended up taking me all over town, running up a $30 fare, and then writing me a fucking check! I was a moron for not locking them in the cab and I tried stopping them to tell them that I didn't think we took checks and I wanted to make sure, and they ran out on me.

now I know we don't take checks.

I'm proud of myself for making it through the night. I'm looking forward to going back.

I Don't Sleep, I Dream by R.E.M.
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when I applied for my license, I was told to call back today, that my license should be ready to pick up.

it wasn't. when I called, I was told that I needed to speak to someone in the income tax department. I was only able to leave a message, and so I did.

I got a call back at 5:23 pm (on a Friday afternoon!) from someone in the income tax department. I was told that the reason that my license was being held up was that I didn't pay any city income tax last year.

hm. I don't live within the city of Grand Rapids, and I worked in Wyoming (also just outside Grand Rapids), and so I wasn't required to pay city income tax. we went over this information, and the gentleman I spoke to said, "okay, you're approved!"

apparently, the city ordinances used to prevent people who lived outside the city of Grand Rapids from driving taxi in Grand Rapids. now, if anyone owes the government any money, they can't obtain or renew their taxi license. I was really nervous, though, when I got the call after 5 on a Friday (even though it was a return call) from the income tax department of the city. gah!

anyway, I'll be able to pick up my license on Monday and hopefully start driving then.

watch out, GR!

Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach) by Depeche Mode
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oh well. hello. I got a new job driving taxi this past week. it was all kind of a whirlwind. I went down to the office, and all of a sudden I was on the road. I applied for my city license (don't worry-- I already have a class B CDL and I drove a 40-foot transit bus for three years) on Tuesday and I took my drug test on Wednesday.

that was exciting. it took me three tries and two hours. gah. I had to pee and I was supposed to pee but I couldn't pee.

I've still got a lot to learn, but it seems like things should be good. I can't decide if the people training me are being entirely honest, but I guess that's the name of the game.

time to sleep.

Shoeshine Man by Tom T. Hall
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